Friday, 28 July 2006

Connex Wasting my Money

Yes, these are poems, paid for, put in trains by our wonderfully warm and fuzzy public (private) transport provider connex. I must admit, some people may get a warm and fuzzy feeling by getting told that they are helping cancer patients and those people who can run fast at the victorian institute of sport by travelling on the train, but as far as I can see, It is just a waste of money that could be put straight back into the public transport system to enourage more commuters to save the environment.

Well, while connex is thinking about this maybe we can take a look at some of the deep and meaningful poetry that we can read on the way to uni.

What a load of crap!!! I mean really!!!! If they are going to promote reading poetry please get something that means something, anything, anything at all! Even "This is on a train wall" would have been a better use of the money! Posted by Picasa

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