Tuesday, 31 May 2005

Honda VT250 Spada

I now have a motorbike.
Yes a Honda VT 250 Spada.
I would really like to get a group of people together who own these bikes to form a club of sorts.
I think they are fantastic bikes and well worth their weight in die-cast aluminium.
They were only made for 1 year 1989, but sold for about 15. My bike has 2002 compliance plates, but it is a grey import.
I have done regular maintenance to it, so I know most of the workings of it.
Any questions, please post them as a reply here.

I will be setting up a Spada Owners club soon. So watch out. You will hear about it.


  1. That sounds like a nice bike.
    I am thinking about getting one.
    Does anyone have any comments about this bike?

  2. It would be awesome to get a group of spada owners going in Sydney!!