Wednesday, 16 November 2005

My New Home

My New Home
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This is what I will be living out of for the next few months.

We went down and purchased this extra large 90 litre backpack for my

trip to Western Australia.

I will be living at the mine for half of the time, but the other half

will consist of me trying to carry all of my belongings on my back.

My first backpacking experience! I am really looking forward to it. The

only things I am going to miss while I am over there is my dog, Jade,

but most of all my girlfriend, Ash.

I hope she can come over and visit me for a week. And I am sure that I

will be annoying her family by being on the phone all the time.

Well, I leave on the 3rd of December, and all is looking up. I am more

or less organised and I think I am going to be totally prepared when I

get over there. All except for a tent. I am going to need to buy one

from my first pay cheque.

Looking forward to it otherwise.

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