Tuesday, 20 December 2005

SAG and Ball Mills

These are the massive mills that turn, milling the rock that comes in from the mine after it has been crushed from the trucks.
These are amazing to see. They weigh at least as much as your average house, and they are spinning at an amazing rate!

The Control Room and the Plant

Working on night shift has opened my eyes to the other side of the clock.
It is not too hard to work on nightshift, and the best thing is that the days go so quickly.
This is the sunrise over the control room, which is elevated about 20m above the ground. There are 1367 stairs to get up to the control room, which I do about 30 times per night.
I will be able to climb the rialto when I get home!

Draught or Draft?

One thing about Perthians, is that they can't spell Draught!
Maybe it is a little too hard for them!
The Picture is of the Esplanade Park in Fremantle.


Freo, apart from being the home of the doccers in the footy is a great place.
It is a very old town. All of the streets and buildings are old and they have a great park bordering the foreshore.
If I had to say one thing about Perth, they have great Parks. we need parks like Perth.
I read a book in the Park for about 5 hours. I got a little sunburnt, but that comes from enjoying yourself too much.


Cottesloe is a really nice place, with vibrant nightlife, but the backpackers I stayed in was filthy beyond belief. There were 5 filthy poms there, who looked like they had set up camp for WW3.
The amount of mess there was amazing, but I suppose that was remidied by the fact that I was staying near one of the nicest beaches I have ever seen.
Also the Sunday Sessions around here are amazing. The Cott (Cottesloe Hotel) gets going at about 2PM! and there was dancing while it was still light outside!
Lots of people and lots of fun, but drinks are a little more expensive over here.
Also they call a pot of beer a middie. They really are freaks!

The Plant and MKO

Mt Keith Operation (MKO) is a great place to be. The rooms are nice, and I got an upgrade recently to a shared shower and toilet, from an ablution block.

The Plant is a little old, and everything is rusty, because they use hyper saline water for the process, which is over twice as salty as sea water. The Plant is one of the biggest I have been told, and is very complex, but I am getting the hang of it slowly.
I am learning what things look like what, what they do, and how to maintain and control them.
The picture is of the view of the plant at night time, with Mod 1 Stage 1 cyclones at the front.
I know that does not mean much to anyone else, but it didn't mean a lot to me a few days ago.

Perth the City

This is a Panoramic shot of Perth I took from Kings Park on my phone, I know the quality is not great, but it gives you a feel of the atmosphere of Perth and the relaxed nature of Kings Park.
Western Australians have a great pride in being from the west. Almost everything looks as though it is trying to be better than the east coast. Which in many cases it is!

Kings Park 2

The lavendar garden overlooking the city is very impressive. The gardens and lawns are cared for like a national treasure, which I suppose it is.

Kings Park 1

This is the war memorial that stands at the top of Kings Park.

Kings Park

In the Morning I went and had a good look around Perth and Kings Park.
Compared to facilities like it in Melbourne, Kings Park really does look like the king among commoners.
This is the view from the South side of kings park.

Perth and Kings Park

Although my Blog is a little delayed, I arrived in Perth at the airport with the other students coming from Melbourne, I checked into the hotel that BHPB booked for us, and went and had a few beers with the others.
Generally a good start.

Serious Cupcakes

These are the cupcakes that Ash and I bought from the Crab Apple Bakery in Tecoma.
They are the best presented cupcakes I have ever seen.

Christmas Cheer

It is starting to look a lot like christmas.
Trees and presents everywhere.
This is Ash and I going to the city to see the myer windows and the Christmas tree at Federation square.