Monday, 16 January 2006

The Caves in Augusta

The cave walk in Augusta was very spectacular. It took about an hour, and was well worth the money. This is a picture of a rock shaped like a camel!
After Augusta we headed north and I did a wine tour in Margeret River. Then we headed back to Perth to fly back to Work and get some relaxation.

The Valley of the Giants

The Valley of the giants tree top walk was about 40m from the floor of the forest. You are walking at the very top of the trees and the view is great. But the trees have nothing on the treed at Sherbrooke.

Monkey Rock and the Water Wheel.

After Albany we went to a place called Denmark, where we saw the very nice beaches that WA boasts about. Not great weather, but still very nice to see.

The Leeuwin Lighthouse

The light house in Albany was very nice.
We had a nice day, Tristan, the guy I was travelling with went up the top, but I decided to save my money and have a look around the rocks at the point.

Wind Farm

The wind farm in Albany was very impressive. There were about 20 huge wind turbines. Very magestic.


After another week of working a well deserved trip to the south coast of WA was in order.
We started on on Wednesday morning and drove to Denmark via Albany. The weather in Albany was horrible but it was good to see the things around town.
This picture is the War memorial on the top of the hill in the centre of Albany.


Christmas for me consisted of getting very drunk after a Christmas Eve dinner, then sleeping most of christmas day. One good thing I noticed that the city of Perth really puts in the effort to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. There were singers in the main street of Perth and loads of entertainment.