Friday, 24 February 2006

God and belief

I have taken down my first post, Yes thats right. I wrote a post in haste for the first time ever.
It was regarding the cartoon riots all over the world, and my frustration about them.
I will replace the post with this pre-checked and authorised statement:

I am sick and tired of people using religion as an excuse to do things to others or the environment around the world.
As you can see from the current globe situation, combining government and religion does not work! Notice that almost ALL political systems have succeeded around the world somewhere, which is based fundamentally on a distance policy from any church, mosque, or synagogue.
I think that any country or person who places all of their faith in god rather than other human beings is wasting the limited time they have in this world, planning for a better afterlife.
Live for the here and now.
Don't look down on others because they don't blindly follow your faith.
Never try to convert anyone to your faith, if it is the correct faith it will conquer anyway, but if there is no evidence of any god, then we will know that he/she/it does not exist.

I personally know (note the intentional use of a word other than believe, implying fact rather than fiction) that there is no god, because there is no evidence after millions of years of evolution! As soon as you have proof of god, please get in contact with me, so I can know that there is a god, but until then, anything that some authors write in a book may as well be fiction to me. A good read, but fiction none the less.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask all those reading this to stop and think about what they really believe. Not just for comfort sake when someone dies, but what facts lead you to think that there is something else out there apart from us. I am not denying there is, but I know there is not enough to support any notion that there is a god, or other superior being.
Trust me, it is much more comforting knowing where you will end up, as opposed to worrying that you will be headed to hell, or heaven. Just know that your morals are the only things that count in this world, because there is no making up for the things you do!

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