Thursday, 16 March 2006

Clubs and Societies Tangle

This week the Melbourne University Student Union has really put on a big show, and is expecting all of the Clubs and societies to get involved. Personally I don't think that it is a good time for them to get involved in the club. With a committee outgoing, and a new committee not formed yet, there seems to be no point in scaling up their involvement in the club at this time.
MUCESS, the club that I am president of, I think really sees the union as a funding mechanism to do the activities that benefit our members. It seems a little strange that they are wanting us to revise all of our paperwork to have the statement UMSU : Under threat from VSU. Which refers to the Howard Government pulling funding from Student Unions.
This move by the Union has really put me offside, to the point that I would like to see MUCESS operating completely independently from the Union. Funding or not, Student choice and political abstinence is a big factor in MUCESS. We do not partake in any political pandering or protesting, to any party. This is mainly because the majority of our funding comes from the industrial sector which quite often sees the changes that Howard is making a positive thing for the country.
This puts us in the precarious situation of resisting the Union, as well as trying to retain funding from them.

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