Monday, 20 March 2006

Commonwealth Games and Better Services

Well, The commonwealth games are well and truly underway, and to be quite honest, I am really enjoying the improved services and security in the city.

Personally, I think the games has reduced the number of people in the city, possibly due to the fear that anyone who goes into the city will be caught in a tidal wave of sports fans, but to date I have seen none, even spending time walking through the middle of the city, and going to uni right between the games village and the MCG!

I only know of one person who has been to any events, my cousin, who seems to be either spending all his money on tickets, or cashing in on the fact that nobody wants anything to do with it, and grabbing some free tickets to events. As for everyone else, there seems to be a aura of complacency and sometimes even annoyance toward the inconvenience it causes.

The fact that the City of Melbourne and Connex, the train system owner, has started spending money on small but important infrastructure projects is great. At least one good thing has come from the event. I just hope that the government sees that the changes are well appreciated and long awaited, maybe they will continue on the bold plan to improve the look and feel of our city.
Maybe the entire public transport system needs a good overhaul, trams and busses really are a joke in the city.

Enough of my ranting, I will now go and watch TV, where only channel 9 seems to think that people care about the games. So I can catch most of my favorite programs, without any disturbance.
For a widely publicised international event, the games look to be a little bit of a flop.

Check it out for yourself: Melbourne 2006

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