Tuesday, 7 March 2006


Well, as some of you know, I am now in iPod person.
That's right! I have joined the dark side.

I own a 60GB Black iPod Video. Nice looking device and the shops are packed with add-ons and accessories to make it function, like items such as a charger! Yes that's right, I needed to buy a wall charger separately!

Unfortunately I am a little bit disappointed with the way Apple sort out the iPod and iTunes.
I am sure that iTunes would be fantastic for someone that has no idea what an ID3 Tag is, or how they get the music, just as long as it is playing out of their earphones, then that's OK with them.

Also there is no way for me to plug my iPod into it's dock, let it charge overnight and let my computer wake up to update my podcasts because there is only one plug in the back of the dock for both charging and sync! Therefore I need to move my iPod from my charging cable to my computer cable each morning!!!! Why Apple? Why? It is not hard to make a dock that charges and syncs!

As for support, there seems to be no explanation or settings for any functions of the iTunes Program or the iPod. Things such as the Sound Check option do not give any indication that it is a normalisation feature, and if you enable it in iTunes, do you need to turn it on the iPod, or are you just wasting your battery calculating the mean volume of a song that has already been done by iTunes?

Apple really should pick up their act. It is the simple things that make a player. WinAmp is really simple and contains all the features that it needed at that point in time. iTunes on the other hand needs a few adjustments, such as added RSS text Syndication support, and the ability to multitask when doing things like accessing the ITMS or importing a large amount of songs initially.

Well, I can understand why quite a few people have them, it is just a little sad to see that apple has not made the most of the technology available. Maybe Microsoft or creative will have the guts to step into the area of doing it well the first time around.

But then again, when has Microsoft done anything right?

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