Monday, 24 April 2006

Blogging Again - New website ventures

Well, I have not really had the time to blog over the last week or so.
I have been setting up a couple of new internet ventures.
The first is a club, pub and bar review site. It is in the process of construction, but some of the features have been set up and ready for content.

The other online venture I have set up is a 250cc motorcycle guide. I figure I can make some money off these just from sponsorship through bike stores or merchandise resellers.
I just have to get some more useful content up on the site, and I am sure that people will start to come and see what it is all about.

New Bathtub Concept

I found this in my rounds of the internet. It is an adjustable bathtub. I know not many people enjoy baths, but I do, I really enjoy a hot bath after a hard day. And I don't care what others think of it.

Sony files patent for adjustable bathtub - Engadget

Anyway, I think this is a great idea.

Sunday, 16 April 2006

Google Calendar

At last, what I have been waiting for.
A great calendar and PIM for the google interface.

As some would know, I love GMail and all things google, because of the simplicity and ease of integration with other applications and platforms.
Now Google has released the google calendar system. It is fully capable of sharing info through gmail and other apps like outlook or iCal.

Have a look at it yourself and become a GMail person like me!!!

Wednesday, 12 April 2006

Some things that I see in my world

These are some of the photos I have taken over the last few days.
Some have a reason, some don't

Sunday, 9 April 2006

Some Pictures that I have forgotten to put up

Here is a Quokka, He lives on Rottnest Island about 10Km out of Fremantle. Very Cute little creatures.

For those of you who didn't believe me, here is my King sized bed, and yes it is less than 1m to the side of the Spa bath over by the window. It was a fantastic view of perth in the Spa at night time.

This is the view from the spa, overlooking the pool. Very nice! I snuck in for a midnight swim that night. You really can't sleep at night after coming off night shift.

This is a pump at the mine. It is massive!

As I said, Massive. This was my general work attire for the entire time. Hard hat, gloves and ear plugs. Essential when working next to massive machines that make this much noise.

This is the sun rising over the stockpile. I did manage to get up the top of the conveyor you can see dropping rocks on the top. It was a great view.

This is Bree, one of my workmates. She had just started there when I got there. She was a great help when it came to learning about things around the mine, as well as having someone to talk to that I could relate to.

Well. Thats it for the mine. I really should have taken more pictures, but I was working, and not on a sight seeing holiday.
If anyone from the mine is reading this, thanks for all the fun memories and information that you passed along to me.

Saturday, 8 April 2006

My life summed up on a postcard

I found this little beauty on the website - Post Secret.
I think it sum's up my life as I see it day to day.
Drowning, but never giving up the fight. Because you can always swim parallel to the rip instead of fighting it.

The Irish

Knox City has always held a place in my heart.
I will defend it as my local shopping mega complex, and will always make a concious effort to avoid Chadstone.
Although I do realise that Knox City has a largeish population of idiots, I was absolutly dumbfounded today by the agressiveness of some of the patrons of the irish bar down at OZone at Knox. This guy who had been kicked out earlier in the night for hitting someone, returned to punch this same poor guy.
I don't know if it just me, but why would you bother waiting in line another half hour in the rain and cold to be thrown out again, just so you can get the satisfaction of throwing another punch at some unknown person?

There must me more idiots than I realise out there!

Tuesday, 4 April 2006

My First SES Callout

I had my First Callout to a job for SES Emergency on the weekend.

A tree had fallen onto someones house. It more or less destroyed the deck on the front of their house and took a sizeable chunk out of the roof.
I was really suprised at how active a new member such as me can be in these situations.
The training was on the job, and I did chainsawing, working at heights and chainsawing at heights.
All of these things have been covered in official training documents but, as with all training, it doesn't make any sence until you get up there and do some work.

Anyway, we got the tree removed and the danger was cleared. I am sure that there will be a fair amount of work that goes into fixing the house later on, but for now I am happy knowing they will get a dry nights sleep.

Some funny things I have found

Over the last few days of procrastination I have managed to find some reasonably funny things on the net.
The first is a picture of this cool bicycle:

I wish I could have a ride on it. But I am sure it is very hard to steer. Ian, my brother is making a silly looking bike also at the moment. He is spending a lot of his time in the garage cutting, grinding and welding.

The other thing I found worth noting is this "Got Milk" Advert:

Hope you enjoy it.

Also for those who have missed the "Where the bloody Hell are you?" Campaign. Here is a more fitting summary of Australia. (Language Warning)

Hope everyone is not too offended, but this is how I really see Australia positioning itself in International Relations. Maybe we should do something about it other than getting offended about mocking comments!