Tuesday, 4 April 2006

My First SES Callout

I had my First Callout to a job for SES Emergency on the weekend.

A tree had fallen onto someones house. It more or less destroyed the deck on the front of their house and took a sizeable chunk out of the roof.
I was really suprised at how active a new member such as me can be in these situations.
The training was on the job, and I did chainsawing, working at heights and chainsawing at heights.
All of these things have been covered in official training documents but, as with all training, it doesn't make any sence until you get up there and do some work.

Anyway, we got the tree removed and the danger was cleared. I am sure that there will be a fair amount of work that goes into fixing the house later on, but for now I am happy knowing they will get a dry nights sleep.

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