Tuesday, 4 April 2006

Some funny things I have found

Over the last few days of procrastination I have managed to find some reasonably funny things on the net.
The first is a picture of this cool bicycle:

I wish I could have a ride on it. But I am sure it is very hard to steer. Ian, my brother is making a silly looking bike also at the moment. He is spending a lot of his time in the garage cutting, grinding and welding.

The other thing I found worth noting is this "Got Milk" Advert:

Hope you enjoy it.

Also for those who have missed the "Where the bloody Hell are you?" Campaign. Here is a more fitting summary of Australia. (Language Warning)

Hope everyone is not too offended, but this is how I really see Australia positioning itself in International Relations. Maybe we should do something about it other than getting offended about mocking comments!

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