Sunday, 9 April 2006

Some Pictures that I have forgotten to put up

Here is a Quokka, He lives on Rottnest Island about 10Km out of Fremantle. Very Cute little creatures.

For those of you who didn't believe me, here is my King sized bed, and yes it is less than 1m to the side of the Spa bath over by the window. It was a fantastic view of perth in the Spa at night time.

This is the view from the spa, overlooking the pool. Very nice! I snuck in for a midnight swim that night. You really can't sleep at night after coming off night shift.

This is a pump at the mine. It is massive!

As I said, Massive. This was my general work attire for the entire time. Hard hat, gloves and ear plugs. Essential when working next to massive machines that make this much noise.

This is the sun rising over the stockpile. I did manage to get up the top of the conveyor you can see dropping rocks on the top. It was a great view.

This is Bree, one of my workmates. She had just started there when I got there. She was a great help when it came to learning about things around the mine, as well as having someone to talk to that I could relate to.

Well. Thats it for the mine. I really should have taken more pictures, but I was working, and not on a sight seeing holiday.
If anyone from the mine is reading this, thanks for all the fun memories and information that you passed along to me.


  1. I love your blog. Thanks for the updates, I am planning a trip with Chris over to Perth around New years, so it's fun to read about your experience in Western Australia. Keep up the pod casting too. (Ohh, and by the way, I am out of hospital now... they said I am recovering well.)

  2. Hey Michael,
    Tks for putting up the photos of the wedding. Would you like to see a bigger pump than the one in Perth.... you will have to wait until you go to Gove hahah.