Friday, 23 June 2006

Exams RIP

I have finally finished exams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't believe it is over!
It really does fell like I have been stuck in my room for about a year. It actually has been closer to a month, but still, a month is an awful long time to be locked up with no stimulation at all. I can't believe that those wimps at Abu Graeb and Guantonimo Bay are complaining. They should try doing SWAT VAC!

Enough of the theatrics, At the moment I am enjoying a six pack of the best beer in the world, Little Creatures Pale Ale from Fremantle, WA. And before anybody asks , yes I got a taste for it while I was in WA. I visisted the Little Creatures Brewery on quite a few occasions both during the day and at night, and it was fantastic. One of the most exciting, cutting edge establishments in WA.
And While I am enjoying my Little Creatures, i am listening to the Music of Skeewiff. Not such a bad combination. Skeewiff is a band currently being featured by Triple J, Which I have fallen in love with the music. Find them on the net and have a listen for yourself. I think the best song is Love Power, but the remix of Man of Constant sorrow from the soundtrack of Oh, Brother where Art thou is quite good also.

Now that exams are over is is blog time! Get ready for a barrage of info!

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