Saturday, 29 July 2006

Check out this - Joss Stone

I have become addicted to Joss Stone. Her CD "The Soul Sessions" is the first CD that I have not taken out of my CD player for about a week. It is a great CD. Have a listen to "Super Duper Love" if you get a chance.

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Another day in Paradise

Another beautiful day. This is from the Info Tech building at uni!
At the train station.

Summer is coming!
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Honda Spada Rebirth

My Honda Spada is going to go through a rebirth. Currently the engine has a problem, for those who know, I have done a big end bearing. For those who don't. Ouch, it will cost a lot of money or a lot of time. I have chosen to find out how a bike works by using my time to pull it apart.
Lets see how we go!

Progress so far. I can't get the engine out because I have no idea how to remove the choke cable. I may have to take the carbies off. Bugger. More work! Posted by Picasa

Friday, 28 July 2006

My Workspace

As you can see, this is where I really get my work done. Cofee mug off in the background, beer in the foreground, Linux running on the computer. Everything is how is should be for someone like me.

It is no wonder I never get any work done.

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Bed Photo Updated

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Monday, 24 July 2006

Back to Uni

Well I am back at uni as of today, and it is getting a little frustrating with my course structure. I found out that the subjects from fourth year clash with my timetable for my third year subjects. Which means that I need to find one more subject to make up the points for a full load at uni.
This sounds simple, well I have spent the last 3 hours hunting through the online student handbook, and the only subject that is compatible with my timetable that looks even remotely interesting in introduction to computer programming. I will have to miss one lecture per week due to clashes, but I think I can cope with that, especially in an area that I am interested in.
Well, I will have to make up my mind soon enough, because submissions for subject changes need to be in this week. plus I need to attend the lectures.
I went to my first computer programming class today, even though I am not enrolled yet, and the lecturer sounds really nice, and I think I can do the subject.

Oh, also I have more photos coming from my phone, I have just had some trouble getting them off the phone due to my bluetooth not working at home for some reason.

Saturday, 22 July 2006

New Bed

I think Kmart has been getting a bit of a bad rap lately with inferior products and not much cheaper pricing, but I tell you what, did I get a bargain there when I made use of their 30%off manchester and my staff discount on top of that!
I bought 2 Fitted sheets for $12 each in a pack, and a doona cover set, including 2 pillow cases, for $25! What a bargain!


For those who don't know, these are for my new bed that I bought with the money I saved from WA. It is a queen size, sleepmaker with a wool pillowtop. Very comfy, in fact, I am going to sleep now.
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