Monday, 24 July 2006

Back to Uni

Well I am back at uni as of today, and it is getting a little frustrating with my course structure. I found out that the subjects from fourth year clash with my timetable for my third year subjects. Which means that I need to find one more subject to make up the points for a full load at uni.
This sounds simple, well I have spent the last 3 hours hunting through the online student handbook, and the only subject that is compatible with my timetable that looks even remotely interesting in introduction to computer programming. I will have to miss one lecture per week due to clashes, but I think I can cope with that, especially in an area that I am interested in.
Well, I will have to make up my mind soon enough, because submissions for subject changes need to be in this week. plus I need to attend the lectures.
I went to my first computer programming class today, even though I am not enrolled yet, and the lecturer sounds really nice, and I think I can do the subject.

Oh, also I have more photos coming from my phone, I have just had some trouble getting them off the phone due to my bluetooth not working at home for some reason.

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