Thursday, 28 September 2006

My New Baby

I have finally taken the plunge and bought myself a new laptop.
It really is a fantastic little toy. I have set up a wireless internet access point in my house so I can access it anywhere in the house or garden for that matter.
I just can't wait to spend some time sitting in the garden while the sun is beating down in summer while surfing the net, or being productive and doing some homework or some such thing.
My new Baby is a Compaq Presario v5000. And it is lovely! Here is a picture of it. It comes with 802.11g 54Mbps wireless network, a 15.1" widescreen monitor with brightview, which makes the screen look 100 times better than the standard one. And it also has an AMD Sempron CPU with a dedicated ATI video card, which is very up market for a cheap laptop.

In purchasing it there were a few main criteria.
1. It must be cheap
2. Stirdy. So it can withstand a hard knock without breaking down into a crying fit.
3. Weight was a big factor. I wanted a larger screen, with the portability of a light laptop, not a heavy notebook.
4. It should have good support and service. Not just a mail your laptop to us effort.
5. I will never buy anything else from a major retailer for computers. Harvey Norman and Dick Smith were asking $700 more for it than the place that I bought it from.
6. I love HP Products. Great support and many users create a great community for help when you need it, unlike other fruity products I know of.
7. Must not be a mac (Most important criteria)


  1. If must not be a MAC is the most important criteria, why is it at the bottom of the list. Hmm.. hope u enjoy using your latest toy.... Even though a Little black MacBook would have been cooler. =P hehe. Don't forget that MAC does windows faster than most windows machines. (And they just work all the time!)

  2. hi, glad you got a computer that you love!

    :) So may I ask where you actually bought it?