Thursday, 8 February 2007


It is official, I am no longer going to be contacting people via myspace!
Facebook is my new addiction. Yes, facebook. For those who don't know what facebook is. It is a service (Like Myspace) to help you keep in touch with friends and their activities.
But unlike Myspace, Facebook works!
It does not allow people to stuff up their profile by "pimping it out", which is fantastic, and it has a whole lot more useful tools and features than any other service of it's kind.
It is mainly university based, but it still allows you to sign up without subscribing to an initial network (community or work group). But you will be all alone until you add some friends.
It allows you to connect and search in your groups and community, rather than finding someone called Jane Smith in Utah. You find your friend Jane Smith who is in one of your groups.
Anyway, sign up, it is free, and it is very easy to learn how to use.
Oh and did I mention it works, unlike myspace!

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  1. Facebook is good, though somewhat `north america centric` it has increasing levels of international participation and a lot of potential still.