Thursday, 15 February 2007

My Ubuntu Experience

There once was a man who had a dream of going into space. This mans name is Mark Shuttleworth. Yes, I know, but he did not get there on a shuttle, he got there via the Russian space agencys rockets, by paying his way.
After achieving his dream, Mark returned to earth determined to profoundly effect the world in a way that no other astronaut could. He decided to invest his money in a free alternative to the world most greedy organisation, Microsoft.
When he returned he created an organisation called Canonical, who's sole purpose is to support, distribute and provide tech support for users for this new free alternative to windows.

Ubuntu was born.

Ubuntu means "Humanity". The most recent demonstration of ubuntu was the release of Nelson Mandela from prison, who became president of South Africa and ended the racist apartheid.
A new story of ubuntu is born, allowing people from all over the world dowload, swap, copy, distribute and order cds for free. This has been happening in the past with other linux distributions, but ubuntu is special. Ubuntu is extremely easy to use, and getting new programs is a free 1 min job downloading over the internet from an add-remove programs menu setting.

I suggest you try Ubuntu for yourself, I can get you free cds, or you can download it yourself from
There are a few tricks to get it to work perfectly, but they are all covered on the homepage, including installation of video drivers and multimedia support. But if you have any trouble with this, just let me know, and I will help you out.

Just give it a go, because we all know that Windows Vista is not worth upgrading to, and there is the possibility of Vista breaking your music and videos with their agressive DRM system.
So try it now, before you have no other alternative but to move away from windows.

You will fall in love just as I did with what Mark has done.

This post will be followed by some of the useful things I have found while using Ubuntu.

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