Saturday, 26 May 2007

A cause and an animal worth fighting for.

Today a friend forwarded a 'chain mail' to my email inbox, and my initial reaction was to delete it. But as this friend is someone that is very sensible and trustworthy, I opened it. This may have been a mistake, because I was disgusted at what I saw, but the video that I witnessed is actually happening today.

Japan is killing Whales and Dolphins around the globe daily. If you are an animal lover (Especially Dolphins) I would strongly encourage you not to watch the video. But I think it is important for people to see what is going on in the world.

Video of Dolphin Fishing in Japan

Petition to stop whaling and dolphin fishing

I would also encourage you to vote for labor at the next election. They have promised to protect Australia's antarctic oceans from these Japanese whaling boats with our naval force. I strongly support this and I would like you to sign the petition and vote to take action on this horrible practice.

Friday, 25 May 2007

Facebook is the bomb!

Some of you know that I use facebook. But most don't know what it is. Well... It is a centralised information hub about your friends.

Some people liken it to myspace, but I don't think that is accurate. Facebook works! It easily allows you to access, edit, tag, message any groups, friends, photos and heaps more. I strongly encourage you to sign up.

It used to be dedicated to uni students, but now they have opened it up to everyone. Plus they are adding heaps of new features as the days go by. I just figured out how to get facebook to 'note' all of my blog posts. Yes that is right. If you are reading this on facebook it has been extracted from my personal blog at

Sign up now!

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Assignments gone. Exams here we come

It is finally over. The subjects which have caused me all this pain over the last few months have finished up with the assignments. Which means that I am only a short step away from exams now. All I need to do is study study study.

Wish me luck. And I will be posting again soon when study procrastination kicks in.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

New Ubuntu

WOW! The next generation of Ubuntu Linux has been released. Ubuntu Linux is a free and better alternative to Microsoft Windows. It supports all computers and is very compatible. It has a free fully compatible office suite (Word, Excel and Powerpoint - Open Office), web browser (Firefox), media player(Which works with iPods) and much more, and they all work with the files you have now. No need to convert anything!

I have just recieved 20 brand spanking new Ubuntu CDs shipped for free from Europe, so if you live in Melbourne and are interested in using a better system than windows, which is free, and non-destructive, Contact me via email or phone and I will get a CD to you ASAP!

If you have ANY hesitation about how to use or have a look at it, please call me. I can help you with things, and step you through any process. Linux is a community based thing, so there are heaps of people very willing to help. I just do my part.

P.S. Andrew, seings you put me onto this in the first place, I expect that you are going to install it on your MacBook and see how much better than OSX it is.