Wednesday, 20 June 2007

A fortnight of hell

Well exam week is over, and I am very glad. I am now able to think about something other than heat transfer or particle mechanics. But I am also doing some part time work for the uni developing a practical experiment for third years for next semester.

During the exam period there were some art exhibitions placed around the uni to try to brighten up peoples spirits, which were very good, like large paper planes made of sheet aluminium. But my fears about artists was confirmed, there always has to be one idiot who thinks it is artistic to do something really stupid. The one example that really stood out for me is the pile of rubbish outside the Monash Road computer centre, and I do mean rubbish. I am no critic, but this is NOT art.

I was among the first few into the Bailliew Library the day before my Heat and Mass Transport Exam, which was amazing to see, and empty library. It is very serene.

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