Thursday, 17 January 2008

A new chapter

February is close at hand. And a new chapter is opening in my life. The end of school and the start of work. I am sure to miss the long study days on Melbourne University's south lawn, or the BBQs with MUCESS (The chemical engineering club).

After a short stopover in cairns I will be starting at the Gove Peninsula alumina mine. I will be starting work as a graduate chemical engineer within a process planning and implementation team. This is not my first experience outside university, as I have worked in WA at a nickel mine, as well as in Geelong at an aluminium smelter. But this is the first time that I will be expected to be working on many different projects and have the planning skills to manage all of them.

I am expecting a very demanding but rewarding work load. I understand that there is a lot of work to be done and as with everything, it needs to be done yesterday. But I also see that this work place is going to provide me with arguably the best experience of any work place in Australia due to the lack of staff.

I am looking forward to the experience with subdued enthusiasm, but until then I am just going to enjoy my holiday.

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