Sunday, 24 February 2008

Cape Tribulation one more time

Even more photos from Cape Tribulation

More photos from Cape Tribulation

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Other places in Cairns

Mossman Gorge

After a week full of taking in Cairns and the northern beaches getting away from it all was the last thing on my mind, but a trip up north to Cape Tribulation was on the cards. We went through Port Douglas, which I thought was the most superficial, nasty tourist town that I have ever seen. But that was on the way to one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.
Mossman Gorge was beautiful to swim in. Nice and cold, and there were so many fish. They swam around and touched your feet. Even when you swat march flies they land in the water and they are eaten within 15 seconds of landing.

Atherton Table Lands

Georga and I took a long drive up to the Atherton table lands in a hire Holden Barina. It was a good little car which performed well both on the highway, through the tight corners going up to the table lands and on the tracks on the following weekend up at Cape Tribulation.

This trip was more fun than I have had in a long while. We went to all of the small towns. Had lunch at Kuranda, a fantastic little town at the top of the hill. We then went on to Mareeba where we visited a Rivers direct outlet shop.

From there we went on to Atherton where we planned to see Crystal Caves, but they were closed by the time we got there. But we were directed to the local cheese and chocolate factory and some of the most spectacular waterfalls that I have ever seen. After a long day driving getting back to the pub/backpackers I was staying at, shenanigans, was a relief.

The Holiday

I met up with Georga in Cairns and we spent some time together in the week I was there. Some of the things that I got up to were checking out the beaches (but not swimming because it is stinger season), A drive up to the Atherton table lands to look at the waterfalls, A drive up north through Port Douglas to Cape Tribulation.

More blog posts will come with photos, but here is a video update:

Getting Started

Soon I will be heading to Gove, NT to start work at the bauxite to alumina production plant owned by Rio Tinto Alcan.

Before heading to work I spent a week in Cairns and had a good holiday before the daily grind starts.

I must admit that I have had people tell me that Cairns and the tropics are great, but I have never believed them until now. The farthest north I have been previously is Bundaberg, which really gives a bad impression of the far north as it is.
Cairns on the other hand is beautiful. The mountains surrounding a gorgeous bay.

I am impressed. I love the tropics, even in the wet season.

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Preparation for heading up included sending my boxes and car away for the long train trip to Darwin then on boat to Gove.