Saturday, 12 July 2008

Sony Ericsson G900

While my mum was in Hong Kong recently I asked her to buy me a new mobile. The Sony Ericsson G900 may not look much, but it has all kinds of great features. I am using my Sony Memory M2 1GB Memory card, It has a full touch screen. Plays some of the best games and applications that I have ever seen on a phone. It has WIFI (Wireless network) so when I am at home or at work it connects to the internet to check my email and websites for me. A 5MP autofocus camera is very good for a camera phone.

I would recommend this phone to anyone. It is a bit expensive in Australia, when it becomes available. But you can buy one off ebay for a good price.

Anyway, Thanks Mum. Love you.
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  1. I don't doesn't look very good anymore after reading this:

    5 Reasons Why Sony Ericsson G900 Sucks

  2. I am a simple end user, but even I can see that this article is designed to create controversy to attract more people to the site for more advertising revenue.

    Please do not click the ads. This article is a blatant lie.

    1. SMS app has never crashed on me.

    The only applications that have crashed on my phone are games that I were not specifically designed for my phone.
    The phone that this person was testing probably had mobile provider software installed. I have had problems with this in the past. Solution: Buy from Sony Ericsson.

    2. It is a phone camera.

    I would suggest that if someone looking for a 5MP camera equivalent to a dedicated camera bought this they get all they deserve.
    It is a PHONE CAMERA. No, it is not as good as my new pansonic lumix turned down to 5mp, but it is certainly at least 3x as good as my old 2MP SE K-610i.
    If you can find a better phone camera during ideal (Sunny, still day) conditions I will eat my hat!

    3. The screen is Huge.

    This phone is a compromise between a normal phone and a smart phone. I bought this phone because I don’t want to hold a slice of toast (Blackberry) to the side of my head when I talk on the phone. Plus I love T9 Predictive text. It is the fastest way to input info. For a standard form (candybar) phone with numeric buttons the screen is huge. Yes it is small to select some things like the task manager or scrolling, but I can usually do that with my finger tip, and you should too if you have not had 6 or so beers.

    4. Side buttons???

    This author has obviously not actually used this phone, because the phone buttons are the best feature of this phone. The keypad buttons are sloped and cascade down the phone, look and feel beautiful. the jog and select is not a joystick, hence it will keep working as the phone gets older.

    As for the side buttons, the chrome side buttons look striking on the black model that I bought. If the author of the article was silly enough to buy a red model, well….

    Also there is a very useful lock/unlock key button on the side of the phone, and also the side camera button works like a normal camera. Full press is focus and shoot, Half press to focus on the spot you select with your finger (Just like in the ‘False Advertising’ video).

    5. False Advertising.

    I actually do all those things on my phone. You can scroll documents or menus with your finger very fast. You can scroll through your photos, slower but like on the video, you can focus the camera with your finger!
    Where is the false advertising?

    This phone is not like the iPhone, it is better!
    Just like Sony Ericsson has been subtly better than Nokia equivalents for many years!

    In summary. This post is simply to drum up business for the website. Please don’t buy into it and click the advertising links. Just go out and buy the phone. You will never regret it.

    Through my work I use this phone for taking professional document photos, reading and editing documents and PDF files sent to me via email. Accessed through the bluetooth connect supplied software.
    I strongly suggest this phone to anyone!!!

    Sony Ericsson G900 - * * * * * Five Stars

    – My name is Michael Wheatland. I live in Nhulunbuy Australia. I have no association with Sony Ericsson or any retailer what so ever. I am a process engineer at an alumina refinery. You can trust my opinion on this phone, as I am not a tech reviewer, simply a user who got pissed off at seeing lies on the internet about the best phone I ever bought.