Sunday, 8 July 2012

ABC iView and Android Phones

Judging by the website of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Our Beloved ABC Aunty) one might be misled to believe that Apple's proprietary, one device iOS is the only mobile platform around.

At current count the ABC has 17 apps designed for iOS and only 1 for Android despite it being the market leader in smartphone sales and numbers.

Note that the ABCs mandate requires it supply it's services to as many Australian's as possible without preference to a specific platform, especially one that is propitiatory and expensive to obtain.

Let them know

How about we let the ABC know just how many people use Android phones and tablets, and motivate them to co-release all new apps on both iOS and Android as well as updating all of the existing apps to include Android.

Contact the ABC using any of the following techniques to let them know this ongoing bias against the majority of Australians is just not on:

And don't forget to:

Can you see the bias?

ABC Android Apps
  • ABC News / News 24 live
ABC iOS Apps
  • ABC iView
  • At the movies
  • ABC Kids
  • Angry Boys
  • Bananas in Pyjamas x2
  • Beached Az
  • Good Game
  • Poh's Kitchen
  • Rage Mobile
  • Rocket Compulsion
  • Spicks and Specks
  • The Gradual demise of Phillipa Finch
  • Triple J
  • Triple J Unearthed
  • Four Corners iPad
  • ABC Foodi
  • Play School Art Maker
ABC Blackberry/Symbian/WP7 Apps
  • None


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